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Schweitzer Mountain Real Estate

Schweitzer Mountain

Schweitzer Mountain is a well-known ski resort located in the Selkirk Mountains of northern Idaho, near the town of Sandpoint. Here are some details about Schweitzer Mountain Resort:

  1. Geography: Schweitzer Mountain is situated about 11 miles northwest of Sandpoint, Idaho. The resort is known for its elevated location, offering panoramic views of Lake Pend Oreille and the surrounding mountains.
  2. Winter Recreation: Schweitzer Mountain is primarily recognized as a winter destination, attracting visitors for skiing and snowboarding. The resort features a variety of ski runs, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. It has diverse terrain, including groomed slopes, glades, and challenging bowls.
  3. Terrain and Trails: The resort has over 2,900 acres of skiable terrain, and its summit reaches an elevation of over 6,400 feet. With more than 90 named trails and open bowls, Schweitzer offers a wide range of options for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels.
  4. Lift System: Schweitzer Mountain Resort is equipped with several chairlifts, including high-speed quads, providing efficient access to the mountain’s various slopes. The lifts operate during the winter season to transport visitors to the summit and various points across the resort.
  5. Village at Schweitzer: The resort features a village area with a range of amenities, including lodging options, restaurants, shops, and après-ski activities. The village creates a vibrant atmosphere and serves as a central hub for visitors during their stay.
  6. Summer Activities: While Schweitzer is primarily known for winter activities, it also offers summer recreation. During the warmer months, visitors can enjoy mountain biking, hiking, zip-lining, and other outdoor adventures.
  7. Events and Festivals: Schweitzer Mountain hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, attracting both locals and tourists. These events may include music festivals, races, and special holiday celebrations.
  8. Accessibility: The resort is easily accessible from Sandpoint, and it’s approximately a 1.5-hour drive from Spokane International Airport in Washington.