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Bonners Ferry Real Estate

City of Bonners Ferry

Bonners Ferry is a city located in the northernmost part of Idaho, near the Canadian border (27 miles) with a population of approximately 2600. Here are some details about Bonners Ferry:

  1. Geography: Bonners Ferry is situated in Boundary County, Idaho, and it is known for its scenic location along the Kootenai River and the nearby Selkirk and Cabinet Mountains.
  2. Population: As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Bonners Ferry had a population of around 2,500 people. Population figures may have changed, so it’s advisable to check the latest census or local sources for updated data.
  3. Economy: The local economy of Bonners Ferry is diverse and includes agriculture, forestry, tourism, and small businesses. The area’s natural beauty attracts visitors, and outdoor recreational activities contribute to the local economy.
  4. Outdoor Recreation: Bonners Ferry is surrounded by opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, boating, skiing, and wildlife watching. The Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, located nearby, provides additional opportunities for nature enthusiasts.
  5. Historical Sites: The city has some historical sites, including the Boundary County Museum, which showcases the history of the region. The Kootenai Tribe’s Cultural Heritage Center is also located in the area, offering insights into the cultural heritage of the Kootenai people.
  6. Kootenai River: The Kootenai River flows near Bonners Ferry, offering scenic views and recreational opportunities. Fishing and boating are popular activities on the river.
  7. International Border: Bonners Ferry is situated close to the Canadian border, and the Eastport border crossing provides access to British Columbia, Canada.
  8. Education: Bonners Ferry is served by the Boundary County School District, providing educational facilities for the local community.
  9. Local Services: The city offers essential local services such as healthcare facilities, local businesses, and government services.
  10. Community Events: Bonners Ferry hosts various community events throughout the year, including fairs, festivals, and outdoor activities that celebrate the local culture and traditions.